Diagnostic Services

Find the most efficient ways to improve your home

Before we give our customers recommendations on ways to improve the performance of their home, we do extensive diagnostic testing to ensure that the services we recommend are truly the best solution for creating a comfortable and safe environment for each individual building.

Our thorough energy audit reveals the amount of energy used in a building and how energy is potentially being wasted. Understanding this allows us to help you identify where energy consumption inefficiencies exist to save money and create a more comfortable home.

Shakes to Shingles takes a whole-building approach to auditing and improvement. We take a completely objective look at your building’s strengths and weaknesses. We rely on extensive diagnostic testing to find air leaks, gaps and inefficiencies in insulation, moisture problems and test the safety and performance of the heating and ventilation systems. Once we have this knowledge, we can help you make solid decisions on where to make improvements.

Standard diagnostic testing includes: